Psychic Roots Hypnotherapy

Karen Bolton ..... an Internationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained by and using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique [QHHT] learned with Dolores Cannon. Karen is also a fully certified Math/Science Teacher [OCT] with a BSc Hon sp. in Neuroscience, Life Coach and Counsellor, Computer Programmer and Strategic Intervention Coach.  This is why Karen is able to communicate so well with the SC [Sub Conscious], as she empathically connects to the Quantum Field as a dedicated QHHT Practitioner.  Her many-faceted questioning skills enable her to catapult you to your own bright and joyful future, one envisioned by your own subconscious.  This is true empowerment. Let Karen just be your stepping stone for this one-time session.

Hypnotherapy takes you Beyond Belief:  YOU are the only one who can lead yourself to the truth. And the first step to that is realizing that everything we have been told about history is false and fake news: our origins, religions, traditions. You have to allow yourself to put aside everything you already think you know and let go of the false ego, and when you finally really do mean it, your Higher Self will start to guide you to the truth.


Karen is a past life regressionist  trained by and using the Dolores Cannon Technique of contacting the person's SubConscious [SC].  [pictured with Dolores Cannon above].

This technique is so different because it takes you back to the deepest level of trance, the somnambulistic level----which means your innate, natural healing abilities can and will come to the fore when summoned.

Most of the other techniques out there keep you in the lighter levels of trance where the conscious mind can cause interference.

The major benefits to choosing hypnosis are:
1. It's fast. Changes can be made very quickly.
2. It is a natural tool for working with the subconscious mind - the place where the problem resides.
3. Results are long lasting. You don't have to redo it over and over. Once you're done, you're done.

As Dolores herself says in her books.......
This means I am able to communicate directly with the greatest source of power and healing that there is. This is the way to contact the Source of all knowledge. It is so big and huge that it has the answers to everything. I am just the facilitator, and when people say "Don't you know you are performing miracles?" I tell them "I am not doing anything, the SC is!"

We will contact your SubConscious [SC] easily through this technique for all of your answers and all of your physical concerns.