Psychic Roots Hypnotherapy

Woven into your session...........

Experience the fulfillment of getting along with others through an understanding of yours and their nature described by the Chinese over 2000 years ago with the 5 energies: Water, Fire, Metal, Wood and Earth.

After all, relationships are the most important thing in life, aren't they?

Just bring your memory stick for a copy of your recording of the session, and I will give you a free ecopy of my 3 books, the kindle/paperback versions of which are available online at:



Carl Jung also believed in the 4 energies that all major traditions hold to be true [fire, earth, air, water]. Many of the present day Psychological tools like the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory Career Instruments are based on these energies.  

Thus, they were all very close in their perception of the invisible Energy fields of Spirit.  The Oriental’s had these five Energies (Elements) described herein, the Western World  only four.  Now Quantum Science has discovered that we are all linked in a field of Energy, and they call it The Quantum “Field” or The Matrix, and responds to feelings of Love or Fear – so choose Love, because fear is usually just a paper tiger [false evidence appearing real].  Thus, the Circle of Life that joins us all has finally been proven Scientifically [ Max Planck, 1944].  It is a very good time indeed.  It is a good time to get over alcohol, drugs, gambling, illicit sex, smoking and food dependencies.   This co-dependency described in my book and how it works shows how to get over the people that drag you down with guilt, shame and control.  Instead of the proverbial Devil on one shoulder, Angel on the other, just have Angels on both shoulders with the knowledge you have now gained.  Don’t let others keep you from your Destiny.  Take back your birthright, and be in the driver’s seat of your life. Just listen to your "inner ding" [Louise Hay], and follow this intuition fearlessly to live the life of your dreams.

You who seek God, apart, apart The thing you seek, thou art, thou art. If you want to seek the Beloved’s face. Polish the mirror, gaze into that space.    ~  Rumi [The World's most beloved teacher of Divine Love].