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Freedom is Being Who you truly are.....let me help you to live your Truth and clear the fear, once and for all.  Remember, your state of mind IS your life, so cultivate it.  Beliefs [in the mind] are transposed to knowings[of the heart].  Live your life on purpose, not by default to old paradigms that no longer serve you.


Are you thriving, or just surviving ---- enjoying Life, or just enduring it?

If the specs on the blueprints of a house, for example, [ie:belief systems in the Subconscious] are off kilter, the builders and building materials [current thoughts and emotions in the Conscious mind] can't make up for these long practiced thought-forms. This means that just like the iceberg, if you're working with just the tip of it, or your Conscious mind, you're missing most of your life. So, every time you hit a snag, just trust in the process of hypnosis to work with those core belief systems that others have programmed for you, or past lives have programmed for you, and to GPS you from there to where you really want to be.   Whenever you can, just call me, or fill in my Contact form, for that one-time only appointment that is needed to help you in the best way that I can, just because you're worth it.  So, be the best you can be and create your own World the way you want it to be.  Follow your excitement, and learn to do it all just because it resonates with your higher self and responds to your inner voice, trusting your inner guidance system of emotion, your "gut" feelings – not because of rewards that might come your way.  The Truth of following your Bliss [Joseph Campbell], and your alignment with it, is the healing, in all cases, just like the wise men of old have told.  The Subconscious wants us to know, even tells us in our dreams. The gate keeper of the Conscious mind cannot be held at bay forever for the Truth seeker. The heart felt tears don't lie. The question is, are you up for it?  This is where the drama trauma can end, life's enjoyment can begin, and clarity finally be achieved because of this new found alignment in all parts of your being.  No one else needs the same GPS coordinates that you do to get to where you want to be, just as no one can use your very own coordinates to go from your home to your place of work, for example.

The one-time cost of your QHHT session is $186.00, either mornings or afternoons.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis offers a means to quickly and effectively explore our inner self through examining of and then accepting/releasing in the sub conscious aspects of our Being.

The emotional bonds, physical conflicts and spiritual blocks of our past, present and future can therefore be re-solved, better understood and thereby worked through.  The Truth is the healing, and will set you free.  We do have to move through fear to learn the truth, but the positive benefits are well worth it. Love is the Miracle that helps us to move through all of the fear.

Guarantee & Refund Policy

I sincerely want you to succeed and pledge to help you to the best of my ability. However, no guarantees as to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for your particular problem are made or implied, as it is impossible to guarantee human behaviour or compliance. Therefore, no refunds for services are given. Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix or magic pill. A hypnotherapist is considered a guide or facilitator. You assume equal responsibility by making a commitment and allowing yourself to be guided into a state of hypnosis.

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